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American Aquaponics!

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American Aquaponics!

Feeding The Future! ®

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Aquaponics is the symbiotic integration between raising fish (AQUA-culture), and raising plants without soil (hydro-PONICS).

Very simply:

  • Feed Tank Raised Fish
  • Pump the fish waste water to the plant growbeds
  • Allow NATURALLY occurring bacteria to convert the fish waste into fertilizer
  • The plants never have to develop deep root systems in search of water or nutrients because it is provided to them
  • The plants can then focus on producing tremendous amounts of vigorous, healthy, natural and organic fruits & vegetables

A typical aquaponic garden can produce between 5-20 times that of a soil garden of the same size!

Plus there is no tilling, weeding, hoeing, bending, digging, etc.!

At American Aquaponics we provide complete turn-key design, installation and setup of residential and small scale Feeding The Future™ aquaponic growing systems.

We also conduct classes and give talks, presentations and seminars to Master Gardner associations, Junior High and High School classes and local do-it-yourselfer's interested in becoming food independent and eating healthier.

If you have a need for any of our services, please visit Our Rates page and then Contact Us and we'll be happy to help!

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